Keeping the expressway of your information clear and unimpeded is easier said than done. There are many roadblocks that networks face on a daily basis, and these problems can slow network speed down to a crawl. Moreover, with the emergence of denser web-based applications and files, your network really needs to carry its weight to keep information flowing.
Mikrolink is your go-to source to steer past potential network lag times and stalemates. As a valued Cisco partner, Mikrolink offers best-in-class networking equipment and services to keep your network active, engaged, and resilient.
Desktop Troubleshooting
If your desktop is attacked by a vicious virus, do you have the onsite support you need to cure the problem immediately? When it comes to keeping your desktop intact and free of malware, spyware, and other threats, you need all hands on deck.
Mikrolink has a dedicated staff that can supply hardware and software diagnostics on-the-fly when your desktop encounters program issues. We have the versatility to troubleshoot your desktop problems instantly, as we are right around the corner, or you can turn to our remote team for further assistance.
No matter what type of printer you have in place, Mikrolink has the technical expertise to help you tackle any printing problem, on any scale. Our printing services include:

  • Routine and preventative maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Diagnostics from the desktop and network environment