Unforeseen downtime can severely stall a business looking to sustain productivity and profitability. When your business is interrupted, your competitors are making big moves in the marketplace.

With the extended maintenance and support that Mikrolink offers, you’ll have the ability to maintain your business momentum. The Mikrolink team stands behind you with breakthrough products and solutions that can keep downtime to a minimum. With impeccable IT support and products, your productivity per employee will go up, as will your company’s ROI.


No matter how big or small, problems arise on a daily basis. The companies that can drive steady production and profitability have a solid plan and resources at their disposal to ensure that no problem is insurmountable.

At Mikrolink, we stay proactive and attentive to the maintenance needs on the horizon. Backed by a service team that is knowledgeable and experienced, we have the skills to diagnose and resolve any issue in record time. Moreover, as a comprehensive network service provider, we can also help support your maintenance needs as they pop up.


All it takes is an instant for your critical information to vanish. Without a reliable backup system, you are greatly endangering your company’s growth potential.

On the other hand, a rock-solid backup plan can make life easier for your employees and streamline your work processes. Mikrolink can help you experience the advantage of having a backup system that you can count on.

Mikrolink’s suite of backup systems delivers:

  • Automated deduplication and restore functionality
  • Accelerated recovery and highly scalable storage
  • Instant access to your data when you need it
  • Trusted data protection and retention

Don’t take your data for granted. Make sure it is insured and protected with Mikrolink’s ultimate backup plan of action.